Sweet Smile

Sweet smile!

Sweet smile!

Twenty-nine weeks today! We had our monthly appointment yesterday and had another 3D ultrasound. 3D ultrasounds rock. It is amazing to see so much detail. I feel like we actually have a decent idea of what WB will look like when he is born. As usual, he was very active and moving all over the place. He didn’t want to cooperate and let us get a good look at his face, but near the end of the session he did. What a tease! It was worth it, though, because we got to see him smile. We also have pretty vivid corroboration that WB is definitely a boy; it will be good material with which to embarrass him later LOL.

WB is currently 15 inches long and almost 3 pounds. He has filled out a lot! He has the chubbiest cheeks. I think he has J’s ears and mouth and my chin. Possibly my nose as well. How much fun it will be to see if we still think that when he’s born. F is doing well. She passed the one-hour GTT and is measuring perfectly. We now transition to appointments every two weeks.

J and I visited a daycare today. The facility itself didn’t blow me away (no better than the less expensive place close to the house), but the director and the policies did. We felt that they took security very seriously and that they really know the babies and their families. I also liked that a mother who works nearby was visiting her baby during lunch, and she says she does that every day. If we chose this daycare, I could do that too. We’re going to visit 3 more centers, but if we want to be assured of a place for September at the place we visited today, we’ll have to let them know and pay the registration fee by the first of April. Apparently September is a hot month in the daycare world.

Other than that, work continues on WB’s room. J is almost finished with the floor, and then he will need to install baseboards and paint. I’m actually starting to panic. Aw, hell, who am I kidding. I’ve been panicking for weeks now LOL. I’m really panicking now. It just doesn’t seem like we have a lot of time left and the to-do list is long. But as I’ve been told, it will all work out. It doesn’t need to be 100% ready right away.

J and I just talked (like 5 minutes ago) and now we are thinking seriously about the daycare down the road again. I’ve tasked him to go check it out on Friday since I’ve already been, and Friday is his day off from work. If he likes it, we may go with it. One thing I keep reminding myself is that none of this is set in stone. If we don’t like a daycare, we’ll switch. If we pick a doctor and decide we don’t like him/her, we’ll switch. I tend to feel committed for the long-term, but J is much less sentimental than I am and that’s helpful as we try to make these decisions. We have LOTS of options and that’s a good thing.


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