Third Tri Oh My!

Room 1, truly finished

Room 1, truly finished

On Wednesday we hit 28 weeks and are now officially in the third trimester! I know I express amazement and disbelief at every week reached, but this week really is a milestone and really blows my mind. Third trimester as in the last trimester as in birth is the next stage. I just exhaled a tiny bit more of the breath I’ve been holding since the day of our first beta last September (yes, I have lungs of steel now!)

F is feeling good. She says the baby has really grown; she says she is getting out of breath pretty easily now. She sent us pictures, and we could tell that she has gotten bigger. She’s all belly! We’ll see her on Tuesday at our next appointment and ultrasound. According to BabyCenter and the Pregnancy Week-by-Week book, WB should be about 2 pounds and around 14 inches long now. I cannot WAIT to see how much he has changed since our last ultrasound!

New Guest Room

New Guest Room

In flooring news, the first room is complete! We moved the guest room furniture into it, and it looks really nice. The kitties were happy to have access to it again. And the baby’s room has half of the floor down. What a relief! As I type this, J is working on the room and hopes to finish it this weekend (we both took today off).

The PBO efforts have intensified as well. Hopefully the lawyer now has all the info he needs from us. We were a little shocked to receive a fairly large bill from them; we had been told when we started the process that it would be about 50% less. Oh well. It’s only money, right? Thankfully, J was able to talk the lawyer into reducing the bill by $1000 since the lawyer we started the process with is no longer with the firm.

Ripping out the carpet in WB's room

Ripping out the carpet in WB's room

It has been a fairly expensive week. We took my car to have the driver’s side door lock looked at because it wasn’t unlocking easily from the inside (kind of not a good thing), and the estimate for the lock and a few other things came back at $1200. Ouch. My car is 11 years old with 133K miles on it and is only worth $1500; however, it is also paid off.

J and I panicked and ran to the Honda dealership to look at their certified pre-owned Accords. After we calmed down, we decided to repair my car and keep our fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong with it for a while. Frankly, we just can’t handle making another big decision right now. There’s just too much stuff going on. If at any point I begin to feel that my car is unsafe for WB then we will revisit the issue, but right now, the plan is to try to make it to the end of the year and then re-evaluate. The plan had been for me to get the next new car in 2.5 years when J’s car is paid off. Funny how a tiny baby can make you re-evaluate everything!

Hardwoods in WB's room!

Hardwoods in WB's room!

We’re still investigating daycares. We are looking at two very close to my office. One is about 10 minutes away, and the other is about 3 minutes away. They are both 4 stars. Unfortunately, they are both about $300 more than the one close to the house, but the more I think about it, the more I might like having WB close to work.

J works downtown, so either center would be close to him too, and it would be nice to be able to pop in at lunch or whenever. We were going to visit one of them this week, but we had to reschedule for next week due to the manager being sick. We’ve thought about using an in-home provider since I have a few friends and family who use them and love them, but we were concerned about what happens if the provider becomes sick. For those of you who use in-home providers, what is the backup plan?

I have been given dates for two baby showers for us, and it makes me smile. I feel so loved! It’s also a little weird because believe it or not, I hate being the center of attention. I feel so unworthy, but a friend told me to enjoy the attention now because once the baby comes, all the attention will be on him! For all of you involved in planning showers, please know how much I truly appreciate it. Thank you!

Hopefull we’ll order the nursery furniture next week! I think we’ve finally settled on it. It will take about 3 weeks to arrive. A few weeks ago, I would have said, “oh that’s plenty of time.” Now I’m thinking, “crap! we need to order it SOON!”


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