The first room...almost to the other side!

The first room...almost to the other side!

This post is all about obsessions J and I have right now. I am obsessed with bedding. Months ago, before I had even started looking at bedding, I blithely decided that if the baby were a girl, the nursery would have a Paris theme; if it were a boy, it would be a wizards/castles/dragons theme. These themes have a lot of meaning for us based on interests and family.

Unfortunately, suitable bedding has been hard to find. The two available crib sets are kind of scary. It is hard to imagine putting a tiny, sweet, soft baby in either of them. Plus, a friend pointed out that one was kind of aggravating, and I’m no parenting expert, but it seems like a good idea to avoid aggravating your baby. I looked at fabric as well and amazingly, there is little suitable. What is especially irritating is that it appears that in years past there were perfect fabrics and crib sets. Argh! And I’m sure that in a couple of years, bedding in that theme will be everywhere again.

So, J has not liked any of the available sets in our theme of choice. He does, however, like a pretty adorable set with baby animals in a forest. I like it. It is cute, but I’ve been resisting it a bit because it is very different from what I wanted. I want to personalize it. I want to make it special. Europe has meaning for us; do baby forest creatures? As I write this, I think we have achieved detante. I can deal with the bedding set if we can personalize it. So that is what has been going on with me. I have been surfing obsessively for bedding. It is all I did last weekend I an ashamed to admit. And on some level I know it is silly because he is going to be a bundle of basic needs for a long time and won’t care what theme his room has. It’s just that we waited SO long for him.

And then there is J’s obsession: the floor. SIGH. Believe me, I know that it will be stunning when it is done. But JHC! When will that be? I have given J a deadline of the end of March for all three rooms. I am a little concerned, especially since he informed me today that he wanted to “mill” himself all of the wood for the baseboards. Oh dear. It is the end of January, and we still have two rooms to go. I think we may have compromised on that as well: he will use the wood we have for the baseboards, but apparently that will still require some work to make it suitable, so a new routing table and planer(?) plus a visit from my mother and stepfather are in our immediate future. Again, I know it will look beautiful. J is a perfectionist, and I am so proud of him for installing the flooring himself. I tease him a lot about it, but I am proud of him. I just wish we were making more progress.

In other, much more important news, we are 22 weeks today! F called me late last week and told me she felt the baby move from the outside for the first time. Awwwwwww!! So nice to know that he is getting stronger! We will have to get together soon so J and I can feel it. She says he has hiccups quite a bit too.

I “came out” at work, and I have been thrilled with the responses I have received so far. Everyone has been VERY happy for us, which is great. I think my imagination may have worked overtime imagining weird responses, but everyone has been great. So, to any of my work coworkers reading, thanks for being fabulous!

I met with HR yesterday and was happy to discover that I will likely be able to take all 12 weeks of leave paid thanks to being able to use sick leave and vacation. I am very happy about that, but I also realize how fortunate I am since I know a lot of friends and family who have not been able to take as much leave as they could have under FMLA or would have liked to because it would have been unpaid. It’s shameful. I wish there were better laws in place for maternity leave. If we have a second child, I probably won’t have enough vacation to make up the difference, so this is sort of a one-time situation for me as well.

So, 22 weeks means that we have about 18 more weeks to go. However, F told me not to count on that and to think more like 16-17 because she usually doesn’t make it to 40 weeks. Gulp. That seems a LOT closer! We still have so much to do.



  1. Girl, my mom could share her pain with you over those hardwood floors! My Dad has been remodeling her house for the last 3 years, but the original time estimate was only 1 year. Granted he’s built a large addition and completely remodeled several rooms downstairs (including hardwoods), but for a type-A, obsessive-compulsive control freak like my mom, it’s been a living nightmare. The estimates always take longer than they think. And he’s still not finished. On the positive side, my dad is also a perfectionist, and the work he’s done looks beautiful. There’s no one else who will do as good a job as the perfectionist husband. You’ll be proud of those floors one day, but don’t be surprised if it’s July before that happens! ;=)

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog; thanks for sending me the link. I can’t wait to read updates on your future arrival. I’m so happy for you and J. Give him my congratulations! When things settle down into the new semester at school, we should all get together.

  2. I had to have our room be a monkey and moon theme. Um, yeah was extremely hard to find bedding to match both those themes. But we did it. But then you realize you really shoulnd’t have the bumpers in and they don’t really use the blankets. So now they have breathable bumpers and the sheets on. So the bedding hasn’t really mattered. I wish I had spent more time decorating the walls. Maybe you could paint scenes from European cities on the walls? Or hang pictures you’ve taken of your travels.

  3. Mill the baseboards…hmm…but, they will be beautiful when they are done.
    We went with a compromise, but more over money than anything. Then we put up pictures of Savannah and Tybee and things came together.
    The truth of things is, though, you won’t spend much time in the nursery until sweet baby boy is a bit older. My little one only recently began sleeping in his room. And still, he’s in his swing not in his crib. He’s only maybe spent a total of 2 hours in his crib.
    You could go with themeless bedding then add accessories, just pick your colors and go from there? That way you could stay true to your original theme.

  4. OMG, the time is flying!

    Behind every perfectionist husband there is a wife who has no hair left. Let us band together and go out for a drink!

    I third the motion to stick with plainer bedding and accessorize your ass off. Get someone to come in and paint a mural. There are plenty of people who do that. Hang pictures, find cool light fixtures, blankets, pillows, etc. The bumpers have to go pretty early, and you can’t put the blankets and stuffed animals back in for a year. So, basically, the adorableness of your bedding lasts, oh, a minute or two before you have to disassemble it.

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