Clytemnestra or Ptolemy?



J and I have been married for 7 years but met each other 12 years ago. At some point, we started talking baby names, and we joked that we would freak out our families by coming up with ridiculous baby names.

After going over many silly names, we had the ones. We decided that if we had a girl, the name would be “Clytemnestra” and if we had a boy, the name would be “Ptolemy” (because I like the silent “P”).

We had the big u/s today and found out the gender. First of all, the baby looked great. It was moving all over the place, which relieved me since I was afraid it would pick today of all days to be calm and sleepy. All its measurements are right on track and no red flags were raised. The baby now weights 12 ounces. The tech switched from 2D to 3D, and I was a bit dismayed to see that the baby looks a little like me as a newborn (it wasn’t my most attractive moment). The 3D u/s was amazing though. I can’t believe how much detail there was.

And the verdict is…

It’s a Ptolemy!

J and I were a little shocked but in a good way. We are going to have a baby boy! F was surprised because she kept dreaming we were having a girl, and I had thought for a few weeks we would have a girl. However, I woke up today and just knew it was going to be a boy. Amazingly, that makes the 4th boy in my family between November 2008 and June 2009. I wondered what the odds of all 4 of us having boys were, thinking it must be high, but J (much better at math and tricky things like statistics and ratios) informed me there was actually a 1 in 8ish chance of all of us having boys. Oh. Ok, so not as unlikely as I had thought LOL.

Now we can begin planning the nursery in earnest! We have had names for both a boy and girl picked out for years, but we’re going to revisit our boy name to make sure we like it. I had breakfast with a dear friend and met her baby boy last Saturday. He is 6 months old, and as I held him and he tried to grab my chin and put his fingers in my mouth, my heart melted. I knew then that having a boy would be a wonderful thing.

I’m so glad it’s a Ptolemy.


  1. K and J,

    We are so happy for you! Little boys are so much fun. I’m sure Grandma Kathy has a ton of sewing planned for little Ptolemy. Can’t wait to hear what name you have chosen. It’s crazy that Claire is going to be surrounded by all these boys! Let us know if you need anything or if you have any baby prep questions. I will say not to spend a fortune on baby furniture. Babies will destroy everything in their paths! Pacifiers are your best friend… You can never have too many burp cloths. Recieving blankets are basically worthless, especially for a summer baby. You can’t have enough onesies. Don’t buy newborn stuff. (you will get enough from people as gifts) Both my kids had grown out of newborn clothes and diapers in a week. Gas drops are a gift from God. Baby finger/toenails grow at the speed of light. Ok, those are my happy baby tips of the day.

  2. Congrats!! I’ve decided to send the ‘must-haves’ as they come to my mind:
    1. Let J play a role in picking out a stylish diaper bag, since he will carry it more than you might think. 2. Boppy, it aids in feeding the bambino, a comfy cushion for resting swaddled baby and then a prop for eventual sitting baby. 3. Baby Bjorn or similar carrier. Go to the stores or ask friends to let you try theirs, get a feel for what you like WITH a baby inside, if possible. Happy spending!

  3. Gill and I can’t wait to meet little Ptolemy! Congratulations, J and K! No two people deserve this happiness more than you!

    Remember these words during the first six weeks or so: This is hard. You’re doing fine. Hang in there.

    Also: swaddles and a second for pacifiers.

    Love y’all!

  4. Having a boy IS a wonderful thing! You will be amazed when he is here with you how accurate that 3-d ultrasound picture was. Little E looks exactly like that first picture. And I loved falling in love with his face before he was here. It made me feel confident in the name we chose, too. 🙂

    I’m still so, super excited for you guys!

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