Second Ultrasound

second ultrasound 9 weeks

second ultrasound 9 weeks

All of us were pretty nervous as we gathered for the second ultrasound on Nov. 7.   Thankfully, we had nothing to worry about.  The baby had clearly grown and was now measuring only 2-3 days behind.  Even more remarkably, it was moving like crazy!  It was moving its little arms and legs wildly.  F has had 4 kids and was stunned at how active the baby was on the u/s.  And clearly, this baby liked the attention.  It was a HUGE relief for us. 

We hoped the doctor would release us to the OB, but he told us he wanted to see us one more time.  Finally, F and I both asked if everything was ok with the baby, and he reassured us that it was fine, but he wanted to make sure the twin wasn’t going to cause any problems.  I had forgotten that this clinic never volunteers info, and if you want to know something, you have to ask.  I was glad we finally had more information.

J and I took F and R (her husband) to lunch, and it was a much happier crowd than after our first u/s.

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