Now that F is no longer feeling nauseous, my new method of reassuring myself is to hear about the movement she is feeling.  She started feeling movement around 15 weeks.  She said it felt like little butterflies under her skin and she waited to tell us until she felt it three times so that she was sure what she was feeling. 

Two weeks ago at around 19 weeks, she called to tell us that she had just felt three jabs from the baby.  She had placed her laptop on her stomach and she immediately felt the baby jabbing her as if to say, “hey, get that thing off of there!” 

Now she says it feels like popcorn popping–likely hiccups–and that she feels the baby moving quite a bit, especially flipping in her uterus.  It’s apparently a weird sensation–like going over a hill in a car and how the stomach sort of rises and falls. 

We joke that we knew she was in for it when we saw how active the baby was on the ultrasounds early on.  Apparently I was very active in utero.  I can’t wait until J and I can feel the baby move from the outside!


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