17 Weeks, Second OB Appointment

After the constant attention at the fertility clinic, it was a huge adjustment to go to monthly OB appointments.  However, I kept reminding myself that monthly meant normal which is what we wanted.  I was really nervous for our next OB appointment on Dec. 22 because F was having blood drawn for the quad screen.  The quad screen tests for spina bifida, various trisomies, and Down’s Syndrome.  It’s not a “Yes/No” test.  Results come back indicating either a low risk or an elevated risk for one of the conditions.  I had worked myself up into quite a lather about this test because I am always fearing and anticipating the worst (however correctly or incorrectly).  I had read there were a number of false positives on the test and that it often caused parents needless worry.  Why have the test then?  Well, I figured that we’d rather know than not know and encounter it in the delivery room.

I loved the doctor at this appointment.  Despite being almost 17 weeks, she couldn’t find the heartbeat consistently, so she calmly asked for the ultrasound machine.  We were a little tense, but she reassured us that since F had had 4 other pregnancies, it was likely that the baby had more room to hide.  She was just very calm.  Sure enough, the u/s revealed a baby with a beating heart.  It was moving its arms and legs but wasn’t quite as active as it had been at other appointments.  I suppose even fetuses have to sleep sometime!

It has been amazing that we have had so many u/s.  We were able to enter the holidays reassured that everything was ok with the baby and show off pictures to family of its development from an 8-celled embryo to 9, 10, 11, 13 and 17 weeks.  I’m glad that we have so much documentation!


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